Top 5 best racquetball racquet

Racquetball is a great way to keep in shape. It makes a perfect addition to any workout because of the cardio that it requires. Once you play the game, it is easy to see why there are so many people that just love it. It is a great game to get into with your kids, your spouse, or even your best friend because it is competitive and everyone wants those bragging rights.

So now we come to the racquet. There are so many to choose from so we thought we would compile the best of the list. Most of these are perfect for beginners because they are lightweight and easy to handle. Whether you play monthly, weekly, or even daily you are going to love these choices. After all, who doesn’t want to add the most power they can to their game?

1. Head Liquid Metal 170/180/190 Racquetball Racquet Series – Best Racquet for Total Control

Head Liquid Metal 170/180/190 Racquetball Racquet

Liquid Metal is known for having well-balanced heads that flow just right when you pull back. They are prestrung and generally ready to go out of the package. Although it is recommended that you always have your racquets strung after purchase, it is not necessary. Do you want to pick up your racquet and go play? With this racquet, you can definitely do that.

This is a frame that is going to last you. It is made of some of the best high-quality metal of all the racquets. It simply isn’t going to bend and fold. It will hold up to any strike you make with it.

If you are looking for an easy to balance way to add power and control to your game, then you want to get yourself one of these. However, if you are set on having a cover to hold your balls and googles, then you will probably want to look at some of the other options. You can always add a cover if you do decide to go with this Liquid Metal Racquet.

  • The power behind the frame is going to give you an accurate and power shot every time.
  • This is durable and going to last you for many years to come.
  • The grip is easy to navigate, manipulate, and use.
  • Liquid Metal is a great brand, but it isn’t known for its customer service. If you do have a problem, it can be quite a hassle to get someone knowledgeable on the phone.
  • The accessories are extras. You won’t get a case, or even extra strings, with this head.
Final Verdict
Overall, you are looking at a great head that is easy to control. It has great balance. If you get it restrung, you would probably give it four stars. Straight out of the package with no upgrades, it is going to get three stars. The reason is that it is going to need strings sooner rather than later and the customer service just isn’t what it could be.

2. Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit Series – Best for Beginners

Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit Series

Most beginners will rent a racquet at the court a few times before they decide they really like the game or not. Once they decided that they actually like the game, they will go and get themselves a kit to make sure they have everything that they need. This starter kit is perfect if that is what you are looking for.

You get a sturdy racquet that is Ektelon Thunder Longbody. The handgrip is a 3 5/8. It is just the right size for smaller hands or even for children to start playing. The frame is decent quality, but it isn’t as good as a Liquid Metal.

It is an all-inclusive pack. You get two balls, a cover, and even the safety glasses. If you are looking for something to get you playing, then this is your best choice. It is reasonably priced with a great feeling racquet. You may not have the power you are looking for with it. It will give you a good feel of the game.

  • You get everything that you need to play the game.
  • Great gift idea for children and a great way to get them active.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Not the greatest quality. It will have to be replaced sooner rather than later. If you are looking for something to hold up to a high-powered game, you are going to want to look at different options.
  • You don’t get a choice on your color. You get what they give you.
  • It doesn’t have the greatest handling. If you are looking for something that will get you used to hold the racquet, then this will work. Keep in mind that as you improve, you will need a new racquet.
Final Verdict
This starter pack is three stars because the head is flimsy. It is going to break in a high powered game. It doesn’t handle very well. However, if you want to get something that will help you to learn the game, then you will like this kit. It would also be great for children to use as well.

3. Ektelon Power Fan Revenge Starter Kit – Best Starter Kit

ktelon Power Fan Revenge Starter Kit

This is an all-inclusive kit that will cover you for quite a while. It has the Ektelon Power Fan which is a great beginners racquet. However, you need to remember that it is a beginner’s racquet. If you play once or twice a week, it is sure to last you quite a while, however, the daily play is going to wear it down and you will need to get the strings replaced.

Lightweight and strong is the name of the game with this racquet. Get ready to send your opponent running to catch your hit. The sweet spot is not that easy to find, but once you get the hang of it, you will love playing with it. The focus is on power, it definitely has that power.

  • The lightweight feel makes it easy to hold without causing your arms to feel tired.
  • Easy handling keeps you ready to make that next swing.
  • Complete Kit – All you need is the shoes and the court.
  • This racquet tends to need strings rather fast, like within the first month of daily use.
  • The hand grips do have a tendency to slide off.
  • The sweet spot is more difficult to find because it is a teardrop shaped head rather than the oval or circle on.
Final Verdict
As far a beginner pack it is going to get you started. You will have everything that you need. So, as far as that goes, it is five stars. As far as the racquet for daily use, it is only going to get two stars. The grips slide off and the strings need to be replaced within the first month. You just can’t get the sweet spot as well with this racquet.

4. GB-50 Racquetball Racket – Best Grip

GB-50 Racquetball Racket

GB-50 offers this beginners racquet that can give you more power and harder hits. You will notice almost immediately that the ball is coming off stronger. Your opponent will immediately notice the difference in the way that you are playing. The grip is what sets it apart. It is not going to slide off. Your hand rests nicely right where it should and when you swing the racquet moves fluidly. As soon as you pull back and start to line up with the ball, you can feel the power of your swing.

What else could you want? The frame is strong and thick without being too heavy or bulky. The strings are durable and are going to hold up to regular use. You may need to get them tightened, but that is routine maintenance. The teardrop frame does take some getting used to. It means that the sweet spot is slighting off center, but once you get a feel for the power, it is actually easier to use than you expect.

  • Small learning curve. You really can pick this up and play easily. Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Thick and comfortable grips keep it from sliding.
  • This doesn’t include a head cover
  • It can be difficult to find your sweet spot and you may need to practice to get it right.
Final Verdict
This is a five-star racquet. Yes, you need the practice to find that sweet spot and be able to hit it every time, but anything worth doing needs lots of practice to get it right. The grips are comfortable. The learning curve is small. You can pick up this racquet and go for a game at any moment.

3. Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet – Best for Daily Play

Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet

There are few racquets out there that can boast such a high rating. It is a earned rating. You will like that it is lightweight enough that you can carry it with you. The grips are sturdy. The head is wide and strong. You will be able to find your sweet spot easily with each and every hit.

Most noticeably, the way that it handles the ball. You hit the ball with force and you can see that the ball is going strong, yet there is no vibration in your racquet. This makes it easier to get ready for the next strike.

  • You will like the light-weight feel.
  • No vibration when you hit the ball.
  • The wide head makes it easy to find the sweet spot.
  • It does not have a cover, which is quite disappointing at this price point.
  • The wrist loop isn’t adjustable.
  • There is no head cover.
Final Verdict
This is another five-star racquet. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with its own cover. You will love the way it fits in your hand. There is no vibration even though you hit the ball a lot harder. You will even be able to hit that sweet spot every time with ease.

What you need to know about racquets

There are many types of racquets available. The most important thing to think about when you are choosing is how often you play. The more you play, the more your strings are going to be struck, the more your racquet is going to be vibrated, and the more you are going to have it in your hand. So, before you purchase, think about what is important to you.

Not all racquets come already strung. The ones on this list do come strung but a couple of them have recommended that you change or tighten the strings prior to first use. This is because when they are being shipped, they are going to settle. If they have been sitting too long, the strings are going to get slack. Remember this is you store your racquet more often than you care to admit.

The advantage of getting a cover with your racquet, besides it is easier to carry, is that it will custom for your head. You won’t have to worry about your cover warping your head or causing undue pressure on your strings. Plus, you can quickly put away in bad weather. No one likes to rain on their head.

The weight versus the width is another thing to think about. If you have a heavy head with a small grip, you are going to have a top heavy racquet. You will have a hard time swinging and an even harder time trying to hit that sweet spot.

So now, you have your strings taught, you have your hands firmly gripped, you aim and you swing. The one thing that most beginners forget to calculate is the vibration. Good grips can help with this, but mostly it is just your racquet. A well-made racquet is not going to send vibrations up your arm every time you strike the ball. Of course, you want to hit that ball with enough force that you see your opponents jaw drop, but you don’t want to do it at the cost of the use of your arm. Less vibration means that your arm is going to be less sore as well.

You will have a choice of head size, shape, and material. It may seem like it is an important decision, but it is all personal preference. Generally, a teardrop head is going to make it harder to hit that sweet spot, but that is not always the case. It greatly depends on how you hold it. The rounded and wider heads are going to keep you hitting stronger and it is easy to find that sweet spot.

That sweet spot, it keeps being referred to so we should address it right now. The sweet spot is that exact perfect spot in your racquet that allows you to hit that ball at just the right angle to send it flying. Your sweet spot is going to give your ball power, direction, and attitude. When you pull your racquet back and aim, you know exactly where that sweet spot is and where it is going to make your ball go.

So as long as you remember three things, you will be happy with any racquet you choose. 1. You are only as good as your strings are strong. 2. Your grip is as important as your head. 3. Never underestimate the size and weight relationship.

So there you go. You now know what to look for in your next favorite racquet. We discussed the best of the best for beginners. You have learned the importance of good strings, a perfectly shaped head, and what it means to have good grips. The only thing you need to know now is that it is okay to get out there and play even if you have no idea what you are doing. Even if your favorite isn’t on this list, you now have the information to decide what your favorite is. There is nothing to hold you back now. Information is power and you are fully armed. So, what are you waiting for? Get over there and order your racquet.

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