was founded as a resource for woman looking for safe beauty alternatives to the big brand skin care products. We believe that with enough knowledge and education, we can start changing the beauty industry into taking our health seriously. For many years, the skin care, and beauty industry as a whole, have been using cancerous ingredients to formulate products that we put on our faces on a daily, if not hourly, basis. We use this skin care in an effort to protect our skin, without realizing that the ingredients in the products could cause long term harm.

It is our job as consumers to put the industry on notice that we demand a safe alternative to the thousands of products on the market today.

We have rated every product based on a safe beauty rating. The product may be effective, but are the ingredients safe to use? This is what is important to us. Please read our reviews, and do your own research. We also invite all our readers to leave comments. We may have made a mistake, or have something out-dated. Also, let us know how the products worked on your skin. Are you worried about the long term effects of these toxic chemicals? Let us know.

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